George Calacos Portfolio


Dreamworks Exhibition Report

This report started with a visit to an art exhibition to collect information and report about what we saw. I visited the Dreamworks exhibition in the Old Port and using my own photos, I was able to make a sleek and stylish-looking report that incorporates the style of the exhibition into the design.

National Geographic Deforestation Cover

For this assignment, I was asked to create a book cover about an environmental issue. I chose deforestation since I consider it to be an issue with serious consequences. My illustration of “the bleeding tree” is meant to represent a part of the planet’s severely damaged anatomy due to excessive deforestation. I learned how to create a book cover as well as a mockup as a result of doing this assignment.

Coffee Infographic

For this project, we created an infographic for making cold brew coffee, and were required to emphasize specific words within the text. I created the illustrations using images references but dramatically changed the design to suit the art style I wanted to use. This project taught me about the importance of typographic hierarchy.

What’s for Lunch? Brochure

During the fifth semester, I wrote and designed a guide for new students in Vanier. “What’s for Lunch” is designed to inform students of cafeterias within the campus as well as nearby restaurants. It also displays food recommendations in each lunch area. I chose to create a document with a gatefold and made the illustrations with a simple design in mind. All of the illustrations I made are food items that correspond to each cafeteria menu. Creating this guide taught me how to design a brochure.

Life Insurance Book Cover

For this group assignment, my team had to create book covers for a series of insurance textbooks using a unified design. The cover I did was for health insurance and I used roses to represent life both in full colour on the front of the book and as a gradient on the back. This project taught me a lot about teamwork.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Booklet

During the fifth semester, we were tasked with making a professional booklet for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This booklet was designed to be distributed at the museum in order to highlight the art on display. I used a clean layout and designed each page with a varied colour scheme in order to make each page feel different while still keeping a consistent look. This project tested my skills with InDesign and showed me how to create a professional booklet.

Sexual Assault Poster

For this assignment, we were tasked with creating a poster about sexual assault towards either men or women. I chose to make my poster about men as I found sexual assault towards men isn’t talked about often. The theme I chose was “breaking the silence” because it is common for people to keep quiet about the terrifying experiences they have had. I chose to illustrate a sign and a brick wall as they symbolize obstacles.

Web Advertising

A partner and I worked together to create an animated web advertisement on the subject of pollution. It was my job to create all of the illustrations for the animation while my partner animated the project and brought it to life. While we chose pollution as the subject it was targeted towards plastic bags as they are considered to be extremely bad for the environment. The animation starts with a man who gets hit in the face by a plastic bag that’s flowing through the wind and ends with a tree covered in plastic bags. This project helped us learn the basics of Google Web Designer.

Santropol Roulant Booklet

This is an annual report on Santropol Roulant. Santropol Roulant is a community-driven organization that offers meals-on-wheels services for the elderly. Since this was one of our first booklet projects, this tested my skills in page layout. To figure out the theme and mood of the organization, I needed to do a little bit of research in order to find and place appropriate high-quality images inside the report. We were required to use images that were free to use and of extremely high quality. The images needed to be related to the subject of healthy food and community.

Undersea Inkvaders Web Game

During our fourth semester, I created a game out of a system that our teacher provided to us by using javascript and jQuery. I worked with a partner on this project designing the visuals of the game and the webpage while my partner worked on coding the game. The game we made was a shooter game we called Undersea Inkvaders using a theme of the sea. I made all of the backgrounds and character sprites using Adobe Illustrator with an 8-bit theme in mind. This project showed me how important working with a partner can be.

Yearbook Cover

For this important assignment where we were asked to make the cover for the yearbook for our Micromedia program. I based my design on colour since it can breathe life into a project and can give it a lot of personality. During our class, we all voted for our favourite covers and while I didn’t win I was still happy with the result of my design.

Character Wiki Page Personal Website

I was given the liberty to create a personal website. For this project, I decided to design a wiki page for a video game character. This video game character was created as a collaboration between me and a partner along with a group of game developers. The purpose of this wiki is to display information about the character and would be updated as time goes on when there is more information about the character. The page talks about the character’s personality, her abilities, as well as her story. This project has taught me how to work with CSS grid, which helped me lay out my webpage in an organized fashion.