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Student Services,Vanier College

Sexual Assault Poster

It is important for people to be informed about sexual assault and the effect it has. Our class was asked to create a poster about the subject for Student Services at Vanier College. I wanted my design to be effective and eye-catching which is why I decided to use texting as the theme of the poster. Using Photoshop I made it look like the two beers were men and they were having a conversation about one guy getting “lucky” without the girl’s consent. To highlight the message, I made it look like his words were being autocorrected with what he really thinks.

Software: Photoshop and Indesign

Cold Brew Coffee


I was asked to create an infographic to teach people about how to make cold brew coffee. To make it visually appealing, fun, and also highlight the most important numbers and key words, I used large fonts and a blue and brown colour scheme which evoke the colours of a coffee shop.

Software: Indesign


Cakes by Cecilia

This website is a photo gallery showcasing different kinds of cakes from Cakes by Cecilia. It was created in order for her to promote her services to potential clients: mainly foodies and cake lovers. The purpose for this website is to inspire people who are planning special events. It is meant to play the role of an online showcase and to inspire people who are placing their cake order. This website has a very clean, simple and colourful style just like her cakes.

Software: Dreamweaver

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Visual Poetry

For this project, I was asked to combine a quote and an image in order to create my own original “visual poem”. My goal was to use my creativity in order to build something that would make people wonder how it got done. My quote was about standing on the edge without going over, so I decided to use Photoshop in order to blend my quote into an image of the edge of a rock to create a metaphor.

Software: Photoshop

Self Promotion

Logo Designs

One of our early projects in school was to use the first letter of our first and last name in order to create a logo that we could use to brand ourselves on our website and business cards. I decided to try three completely different styles to see which one suited me best. My first one was more abstract, my second one was clean and professional and my last one was fancy and included some color. I used a black and pink colour scheme because they complement each other very well.

Software: Illustrator

99 Problems

Game System

For this project, my partner and I had the opportunity to create a game based on any topic of our choice. We decided to use Kylie Jenner and her lip injections as our inspiration for this game, which is how we came up with the title “I got 99 problems but thin lips ain’t one”. We were tasked with creating a game with a points system, different levels and limits. This game was created by using coding such as HTML, javascript and CSS. On each level you find a pair of lips moving around trying to catch the syringes that are scattered around the page. Once all the syringes are caught, a big pair of lips will pop up followed by a “you win” sign. Come play so Kylie can get her dream lips!

Software: Dreamweaver

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Paper Magazine

Cover Design

The goal for this project was to create a magazine cover for any magazine of our choice. It was important for us to make a statement and design something that represents an important issue, so I decided to do mine on gender inequality. I chose a print publication because the open layout fit well with my theme. The two ladders represent a women and a man. The pink ladder is curved like a woman’s body and is difficult to climb and once you reach the top there is still a space between the end of the ladder and the moneybag. On the other hand the blue ladder is straight, easy to climb and brings you right to the moneybag. This represents the gender inequality of salaries between men and women.

Software: InDesign

Tic Tac Mints

Metaphor Poster

What better way to represent Tic Tacs than with an explosion of bright colors? The goal for this assignment was to create a poster for Tic Tacs, using a background image that was taken from the colour run that takes place in Montreal every year. I chose this image because it is as if the colors are bursting into the air just like the Tic Tac flavours burst in your mouth. The slogan is “burst of flavours” in order to represent the various flavors of Tic Tacs. I made each letter from the word “flavours” different colours grabbed from the background image and used one large word that would stand out from the rest.

Software: InDesign