My name is Julia Lucarelli

I am an ambitious Micromedia Student and Graphic Artist. I am currently finishing a technical degree in Office Systems Technology: Micromedia at Vanier College. I am seeking a full-time position as a Junior Graphic Designer

As a third-year student, I have developed many graphic design, communication, video editing and web design skills. I have a lot of experience working with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Suite programs. I have learned to create booklets, posters, logos, illustrations, branding, packaging as well as creating websites.

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Phone: 438-882-7908

What i do

My Computer Skills

Creating Booklets

Logo Design

Branding & Packaging

Building Websites

Video Montages & Editing

Business Communications





Premiere Pro

Microsoft Office Suite




Helping improve a company’s brand is the purpose of my work. My focus and determination can lead me to accomplishing what I set my mind too. I am a dedicated, motivated and driven person. One of my best qualities is that I am a perfectionist, this makes me pay great attention to all the details of your projects. I consider myself an efficient and dedicated leader who thrives on challenges. My six years of working in customer service has thought me to work quickly and efficiently. I have been put in many hard situations where I was limited in time to accomplish a task.

I am enthusiastic to gain hands-on experience in the field in order to contribute what I have learned to help others. I use my creativity in order to produce designs that can help improve other people’s businesses. Next time you’re looking to build a website or a business card, choose Julia.

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