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Ex 2.1 Response on Mobile First

Luke W Mobile First Article

The article above talks about the following: Over the years, techonology has played a major role in our society; with computers and smartphones being the two most popular ones. But, it has been shown that smartphones have overtime, tooken over computers and so now, they are the ones that are often seen being used to surf the web.

I do agree that smartphones seem to have advanced much more than pcs or computers but I don't they should be the main focus. Computers should also be given a chance to improve.

What I liked about the website was that it had highlighted text that were somewhat complex ideas but were often linked to what would be more in dept information about the topic.

Ex 2.3 Response on Responsive Websites

Ethan Marcotte Responsive Web Design

The article above talks about the following: Web designers that work with different types of technology, should focus more on developping mobile sites. If smartphones are designed to work like computers. It would make browsing a whole lot easier.