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Jeremy D'Amours


Huh. If you're looking at this I guess yoou can only be the teacher. In that case, hello, mr. Teacher. I'm a very good boy and I do my homework and I deserve all the good grades. all of them. None for the others. Screw them. Anyway, I don't have that much to talk about in this sesection, jusy pretty much filler at this point. Is it working? I'm aiming for at least four lines of text here. Of course here on dreamweaver I have that done already but the website itself is obviously wider. I'd have more dialogue if I actually liked talking about myself. I like dogs and video games. There, you happy? I kind of am.


I don't usually have that much free time to do many big hobbies. On the weedays I'm busy with Vanier and on most weekends I'm working part time at Provigo supermarket. Whenever I do have free time I try to make the most out of it. Key word is try. At least I try to try. Most of the time I just watch TV. Sometimes if I feel like it I draw. Sometimes I just walk my dog for fun whenever I'm really bored. Anyway, I just try to earn enough money so I can eventually afford my own things. That would be nice.


I really like dogs. they're like cats, but they actually give a damn about you. The one pictured on top here is one of my own dogs. His name is Tiloup. He's mostly lazy but he likes to jump around the house whenever there's guests. Poor boy is losing some of his teeth. He has none left on his botttom front.

Animation Article Ex. 2.4

This article written by Nick Babich is about how important accurate search results in a search engine is. My high school's browsers had Bing as the default search engine, and it was quite the frustration. When you want to look something up, you want a direct answer as the top reult, and not go fishing for ones down below. As an impatient slob, nothing aggitates me more than typing a simple command in the search bar, only to be fed recomendations that couldn't have less to do with what I am looking for. Efficiency is key.

Search Article

Second Article Ex. 2.4

This article written by Rachel Cope is about how important weell made animations could be to a website. The human brain pays attention is wired to follow any moving objects in sight, which is why a website would want to show any if it would want to be eye catching. Nothin' like a good 'ol piece of text floating around the screen or zooming in and out.

Animation Article

Third Article Ex. 2.4

This article written by Nick Babich is about simple animations used to grab the viewer's attention. This article lists of the different kinds of animations that could be used for loading screens, such as fluid, linear, or multi-step animmations. Good animation is important as it provides positive feedback from the viewer audience.

'nother Animation Article