Alexia Pintal

Art is our only salvation from the horror of existence

All About Me

Hey there beautiful people! I'm Alexia Pintal, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. I was born on July 7,1999. I have an older sister named Brianna... a.k.a Bricheese. She is 2 years older than me. We are extremely close, she more like a bestfriend to me. I enjoy eating, I love going out to new restaurants to try with my friends. I have 2 cats (Snuggles and Peaches), some people may say I'm a Cat Lady and I can not agree more. Baiscally that is all you need to know about me, Have a great day :P

My Favorite Assignment

One assignment I enjoyed creating in my first semester was the second Project we did in the Intro to the Web course. We did a project based on a visual artist. We had to create a website on a artist of our choice and find information on them. This project was completed with my partner Donna Chemali. I am very proud of how this project turned out, I think it looked really nice.

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My Hobbies

I do consider myself to be an adventureous person. I really enjoy going out and finding new things to do with friends. I love to go to art museums, cafes and driving around with friends. I also enjoy painting, even though I'm not good at it. I also like to spend time with my cats at home. Art is a huge interest of mine, so joining this program was something that i was really interested in. This program is very art and technical based and so far I am really enjoying it!


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