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Exercise 2.1


This is a portait of my cousin that I made using Adobe Illustrator.

Exercise 2.2


Because I love food

Exercise 2.3


Picture taken by

Exercise 2.5


Random animation

Exercise 2.6

Response to the Nick Babich article

The main idea of the article is to explain the use and advantages of using animations and what kind of animations you can use. What I learned from the article:

  • That you can distract the visitors of your website with animations such as progression.
  • Using animations makes the visitors focus less on the loading
  • Using animations can influence users to stay on the site
  • It makes interaction with the user more easier and clearer such as using an animation when hovering on a button to ensure the user that their mouse is on the button
  • Using animations can attract people’s attention
  • Using animations can transmit a message easier such as the page or the box including the information “nodding” can mean that there was an error that occurred
While reading the article I thought about how I can use certain animations for my website. For example, using the hovering animations for all my projects that I used in Illustrator. I thought about many ways to organize my work by using animations.

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Response to 2nd article

After reading the article on 3 Key Uses for Animation in Mobile UI Design, which was also written by Nick Babich, I learned and understood how certain animations can make the experience of those who are on your website more enjoyable. This article specify's more for mobile design animations. For example, loading indicators are not necessary although, they do make the wait more enjoyable when loading the website. It makes the wait seem less longer than it really is. The article simply shows how to use transitions such as the "pull to refresh", notification alert, how to use the visual hierarchy and connection between elements and more in order to make the overall experience more simple and fun. The use of all these animations gives life to your website and makes the communication of your website to the user more smooth and comprehensive.

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Response to 3rd article

Courtney's response to Nick Babich's article was perfectly described. She explained really well what the article was about and the use of animations in a website, she also gave her opinion on his article and what are the advantages of using animations.

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