Catherine Paukszta

Good Design is Good Business!


Hello there! My name is Catherine Paukszta and I was born on November 4th,1998 in Montreal,QC. I'm St-leonard raised and I'm four different nationalities (Polish, Serian, Newfy and Quebecois). I have a Guinea Pig named Rosie and she's the fattest furball. My bestfriend is my boyfriend Anthony, he's the cutest.


Up until 2014, I was set on the idea that I was going to be a publicist until I discovered that colleges had a program for 'Graphic Design'. I googled it for weeks and realized that my love for art and computers could be combined in this way without me having to be a painter and apply to a Visual Arts program... And now I'm here!

Favorite Design

A little assignment from last semster when we had to pick an animal and create a company logo with it. By far my favorite design I've done!

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