Elizabeth Perrotta

About Me!

2.1 Transition

Im Elizabeth Perrotta,i'm 18 years old. Im half Italian and half Chilean. I come from a family of 5, two older brothers Patrick and Andrew.It's my first year at Vanier College , im studying in Mircopublishing and Hypermedia.I've been wanting to become a graphic designer since i could remember. I also love being in bed watching netflix and sleeping that's all i do, when i have nothing better to do with my life.

2.2 Tranformation & 2.3 Transform



My passion started when i was 5 years old and that is playing soccer. I've played my whole life I've played for Adrenaline AA i was with that team since i was 11 years old, It was my little family that i adored. We went from being the worse team ever from being pretty good we grew together as a team. Last summer was my last season becasue i decided i wanted to stop so i can focus on school because soccer was becoming to much, but i miss it every day and hopefully one day i would go back.