Rebecca Alexandre

Soon to be graphic designer

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About Myself

My name is Rebecca and I'm 18 years old. I'm currently studying micropublishing and hypermedia at Vanier. The plan is to later be a graphic and web designer, but I'll go wherever the wind takes me.

Exercise 2.4

Rachel Cope also makes animations and explains simple animations for beginners.

When done well, animations can add valuable interaction and feedback, as well as enhance the emotional experience, bring delight, and add personality to your interface. I completely agree with her quote.

I would like to learn the play stop animation she mentioned in her article.

Rachel Cope's article »

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I love to cook and bake different types of food, which "usually" tastes good. I'm also vegan, which I've been for a while now, for ethical reasons mostly. I was never fond of meat, and I'm lactose intolerant, so it was relatively easy going vegan, not to mention I'm a huge animal lover, so that also helped.

Exercise 2.4

Nick Babich creates different types of web animations that enhances the loading screen so that people don't get bored while they wait. For example, skeleton screen, which is when information on the screen loads gradually.Visual feedback, which is an animated response to the user's action.

I especially like the skeleton screen because it is subtle and I also like the loading animations because it is intertaining.

Hidden navigation menus that reveal themselves when you click on them is something that I'm interested in doing.

Nick Babich's article »

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I'm also fascinated with herpetology, which is basically all things reptile and amphibian. I have a cool albino corn snake named Monty. Hopefully one day I'll have a home filled with a dozen reptiles (ok more like 5). Although for now one enclosure to clean is enough for me.

Exercise 2.4

Catherine chose the CSS3 article by Sara Vieira, where she explains the different types of transitions.

I like the article because it's about implementing simple transitions into your site, which can make your webpage go from boring to intertaining.

I especially like the colour change transition, because it's subtle.

Sara Vieira's article »