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6 word story

This project was given to me in my fifth semester. We had to create a story using 6 words. I chose to do it on my freckles. I illustrated my face with freckles. For the test, I used the red on the word love to enhance the meaning towards my freckles as it is a key word in the story.

Fruit Paint

This was done in first semester when we had to paint fruit for a juice box project. Taking different shades of yellow and making the banana really look realistic. I love how mine turned out.

Hungry Ants

This project was given to us as a group project in the fifth semester. I worked with Olivia and Kelly for this project. We had to create a game using our knowledge on what we covered in class. Our game is for the ants to eat the cookie and the more they eat the cookie the longer the ant line gets. We did illustrations of the ants and the cookie and the background images. We focused on HTMl, Css and Javascript and coded the game to work like we wanted to.

Play Game

Mr. Molecule

This project was done in my fifth semester. We had to do our own newspaper. We created our own flag and the title was assigned to us. It was a newspaper for kids, and we had to illustrate all of our images.

Sport Magazine

This project was done in my fifth semester. We had to create a 4-paged newsletter on a topic we wanted. I chose to do it on sports. I also wanted to go more for a magazine style newsletter. The project was called Montreal this week and we had to write our own headlines, create 1 ad, 10 hotels and link them to their websites. I focused the cover page on one of my favourite hockey player Marie-Philip Poulin.

Safari Adventures

This was a project that was done in my first year in this program. We had to create a logo for any company using an animal. We also had to draw it on paper then scan it and work on it in illustrator. I did and Elephant and the company i chose was an elephant tour guide.

charity: water annual report

This project was given to us to create a website for charity:water. We had to take the information that was given to us and add some animations for this annual report.

Wine Bottle

This was a project that was assigned in my second year of this program to create a red wine bottle label. The goal of this project was to create a fun cover because it’s name. I decided to keep it to the root with the Italian flag to show that its a product from Italy. I made it fun by using puzzle pieces in the colour of the Italian flag.


This project was given to us in my second year. We had to do an infographic on a world problem. I decided to do it on Climate Change. We had to illustrate all of our icons. I decided to go with different colours in the font to enhance the problem for each titles for example in the main title I put the word change in a different colour to express the change throughout the infographic.


My name is Dalia, I'm a Montreal based graphic designer. I am a graduate from the programe Office System Technologie: Micropublishing and Hypermedia at Vanier college. I love to draw and take photo's. I am looking for an Internship. This portfolio is a few of my projects. Wanna start a project? It will be fun!

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