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Hello, my name is Catherine Palermo and welcome to my digital portfolio! Here is a little about me, I am a third-year student in the Office Systems Technology: Micropublishing and Hypermedia program at Vanier College. I am an aspiring graphic designer who loves to learn, is creative and unique in everything I do and likes to be outside of the box. I am passionate in everything that has to do with design and I wish to make all your design creations come to life!

I have designed a variety of document such as logos, posters, booklets, reports, newsletter and much much more. I am ready for any challenge and I will do anything to get the job done. I am responsible and hard-working and it would be my pleasure to hopefully work for you!

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This project, called Montreal this week, was to create a 4-page newsletter on a topic of our choice with a single theme color. In my project, I chose to do a winter theme and my theme color was blue. I took the Gazette as a great newspaper inspiration to make my newsletter. The project also consisted of creating an ad for the publication, write our own headlines and make it interactive. The software that I used to create this publication was InDesign.
Game UP! This was an app/online game project that was done in a group. My group and I had many different and more challenging ideas before coming down to this one. We made this online game called Ice Cream Flavor Memory Game. The goal of the game was to mix and match the right ice cream flavor to the other. We added 3 different levels and a running timer to make the game more realistic. We did the illustrations of the ice cream scoops and cones on Illustrator and we worked in Dreamweaver to code the game.
 This project was to design an informational report on the charitable organization from Montreal called Dans La Rue. The purpose of this project was to incorporate some of our own elements to this report booklet. Since I enjoy taking pictures, I thought using my own pictures would be original. I used the color of their logo/ads (black, white and yellow) to produce this booklet. The softwares I used for this booklet were Illustrator to make the illustrations in the book, InDesign to place it all together and Photoshop to edit the pictures.
This project was to create a menu for a company we created. My company was a cupcake shop called Munchies. This project coincided a front cover for the menu and the menu of the shop. Keeping the logo colors and fonts in mind, I incorporated the look that Munchies gives out. For this project, I used Illustrator to create the logo and the heart icons and I used InDesign to make the menu.
The objective of this project was to create two forms for a made-up company and write a report on how to design those forms. I decided to work on a company I made up for another project called Munchies. Keeping their logo and colors in mind, I designed a report booklet with the same look and feel that the company gives out. The forms were created the same way. I used InDesign to make the forms and create the booklet.
This project was an ad to promote the Garden of Lights that we have here in Montreal. I used a picture of their illuminated panda lantern to make my ad eye catching for tourist. By using this picture, I incorporated the colors to write down the information from the picture. By doing this, it brought the whole look of the ad together. For this project, I used Photoshop to edit the photo and InDesign to create the ad.
This project was to create a food guide booklet for new students here at Vanier. The booklet would offer the best places to eat off campus and what you can eat on campus. I had to do some research on what each cafeteria sells and which outside restaurants would be best for college students.  I illustrated my drawings and added textures found in my backyard to make them look realistic. I was inspired by the title of the book What’s for Lunch that I decided to make my concept of a fridge and magnets on the fridge. I used Illustrator to make the magnets of food, Photoshop to edit the pictures of textures and InDesign to put the book all together.
This project was to create an interactive form for a company called Sweet Impressions. The goal of this form was to create an interactive form so that customers can submit their orders online. I kept the colors of the logo and used the elements of their logo to put detail in the form.  I used Illustrator to re-create their logo, InDesign to produce the form and Acrobat Pro DC to make the form interactive.


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