Henna on the gorgeous gypsy

Henna on the twin

Henna on @juggernaut9_xo for her Christmas party!

New Design

Trying out new henna

Black on black

BFall trends


Satisfaction guaranteed


RaksCreations #henna

Henna on Maya!

Fall series

A lot of you asked if I had black henna, and the answer is now YES ;)

Cutest little hands

Henna on Sharoni

How gorgeous is she!

Henna henna!

First attempt at drawing Ganesh!

Freestyling with hearts

More design

First attempt at drawing a leaf!

She said simple, I said okay! Bar's henna!

More Henna!

Henna design on the foot

Any suggestions for future designs?

Design after design

Henna on Maya!

Mickey Mouse henna on my fav hand model!

The left one is my fav design!