Hello Stranger,

My name is Evelyn. I’m a graphic designer from Chateauguay Canada, currently in my last year of the Hypermedia and Micropublishing program at Vanier College. The program focuses on graphic and web design as well as communications.

My skills involve working with Adobe Illustrator, InDesgin, Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

I have an immense passion for writing, so much so that I get inspiration for story ideas and characters every other day.

Feel free to look through my portfolio, I’m sure there’s one or two projects you’ll enjoy.

Click Here to go to my contact section to hire me for a stage.


What's For Lunch? Booklet

Designs For Shirts

Eria Website

Ad Campaign

Camellia Sinensis Tea Booklet

Sweet Impressions Order Form

Typography Art

Olive Oil Label and Booklet

Book Cover

Talk To Me

I can be contacted through my email; izeliszczak-@hotmail.com or through my phone; 514-238-0918.